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致敬三代發明家——萊昂、加斯頓和威利百年靈——Premier Chronograph體現了百年靈發明現代計時碼錶的傳統。正如威利·百年靈 (Willy Breitling) 所說,Premier 是“無可挑剔的品味的鮮明印記”。這款最新一代 Premier 計時碼錶將其永恆的優雅重新煥發生機,並通過一系列標誌性的 Premier 複雜功能展示百年靈的最高製錶水平:計時碼錶、Duograph 和 Datora。具有矩形計時按鈕、雙複合計時碼錶外觀和阿拉伯數字,傳承復興的 Premier 計時碼錶展示了各種優雅的設計細節,例如錶殼側面的凹槽、開放式藍寶石底蓋和復古風格的指針。不銹鋼材質,搭配開心果綠色錶盤和金棕色鱷魚皮錶帶,計時碼錶由經 cosc 認證的百年靈自製 B09 手動上鍊機芯提供動力。


Paying homage to three generations of inventors – Léon, Gaston & Willy Breitling – the Premier Chronograph embodies Breitling’s legacy of inventing the modern Chronograph. As Willy Breitling said, the Premier is an “unmistakable stamp of impeccable taste”. This latest generation of Premier chronographs brings its timeless elegance back to life, and showcases Breitling’s highest level of watchmaking thanks to a range of iconic Premier complications: the Chronograph, the Duograph and the Datora. Featuring rectangular chronograph pushers, bi-compax chronograph look and Arabic numerals, the heritage-revived Premier chronographs display a variety of elegant design details such as grooves on the case-sides, open sapphire casebacks and vintage-inspired hands. In stainless steel with a pistachio green dial and a gold brown alligator strap. The Chronograph is powered by the manually wound cosc-certified Breitling Manufacture Caliber B09.