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百年靈超級動力腕錶,滿足您的所有追求。超級機械計時腕錶(Super Chronomat)的靈感源自百年靈為特技飛行隊的表演高手們打造的1980年代原創款機械計時腕錶。超級機械計時腕錶(Super Chronomat)在所有機械計時腕錶中風格最為大膽,在表圈、計時按鈕和表冠上均鑲嵌了多個陶瓷嵌件,並配有輥珠風格的橡膠錶帶。但這款全能運動腕錶不會有違時尚感。超級機械計時腕錶(Super Chronomat)提供多種顏色和金屬錶款,包括精鋼和18K紅金材質。它配有標誌性的輥珠精鋼錶鍊或橡膠錶帶,並搭配同色調折疊式表扣。超級機械計時B01腕錶44(Super Chronomat B01 44)搭載經瑞士官方天文台認證(COSC)的百年靈自製01型機芯。


Breitling’s supercharged watch for your every pursuit. The Super Chronomat is inspired by the original 1980s Chronomat that Breitling created for the hotshots of aerobatic squadrons. The boldest of all Chronomat watches, the Super Chronomat features several ceramic inserts – on the bezel, on the chronograph pushers and on the crown – as well as a Rouleaux-inspired rubber strap. Still, this all-purpose sports watch won’t get in the way of your sense of style. The Super Chronomat comes in several colour and metal variations, from stainless steel to 18 k red gold. It either features the iconic Rouleaux bracelet or a rubber Rouleaux-inspired strap, matched with a folding clasp. The Super Chronomat B01 44 is powered by the Breitling Manufacture Calibre 01, a COSC-certified chronometer.

BREITLING - SUPER CHRONOMAT B01 - 44 Stainless Steel - Blue - 44mm