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REFERENCE : 103126


Octo Finissimo Skeleton 腕錶憑藉其極具吸引力的單色陶瓷外觀和功能美學,讓高級鐘錶鑑賞家深入了解其機芯的內部運作,以低調的建築優雅帶來壯觀的效果。 這款腕錶由內部開發、生產和完全組裝,在纖細、飾面和創新材料的整合方面是一款非凡的作品,每個組件都成為珍貴的蕾絲樣圖案的一部分,完美和諧地工作。 Octo Finissimo Skeleton 腕錶配備超薄鏤空機械製造機芯、手動上鍊、小秒針和動力儲存指示、BVL 128SK - Finissimo 機芯(2.35 毫米)和 65 小時動力儲存。 40 毫米超薄黑色陶瓷錶殼(5.50 毫米厚),透明底蓋,黑色陶瓷表冠鑲嵌陶瓷元素,黑色陶瓷錶帶配折疊表扣。 防水深度可達 30 米。


With its ultra-appealing monochrome ceramic look and functional aesthetics, the Octo Finissimo Skeleton watch offers Haute Horlogerie connoisseurs an insight into the inner workings of its movement, bringing a spectacular effect with an understated architectural elegance. Developed, produced and entirely assembled in-house, this watch is an exceptional piece in terms of its slenderness, finishes and the integration of innovative materials, where each component becomes part of a precious lace-like pattern, working in perfect harmony. Octo Finissimo Skeleton watch with extra-thin skeletonised mechanical manufacture movement, manual winding, small seconds and power reserve indication, BVL 128SK - Finissimo caliber (2.35 mm) and 65 hours power reserve. 40 mm extra-thin black ceramic case (5.50 mm thick), transparent case back, black ceramic crown set with ceramic element and black ceramic strap with folding clasp. Water-resistant up to 30 metres.