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Reference: 168561-3001


L.U.C Perpetual Twin 具有蕭邦複雜功能的卓越機械性能,同時將萬年曆機芯安裝在 43 毫米不銹鋼錶殼內。 它以機械方式計算並顯示持續時間為 28、29、30 和 31 天的月份。 該機芯基於微型轉子技術和兩個發條盒,為腕錶提供舒適的 65 小時動力儲存。 其計時評級精度已通過COSC認證。 交替的啞光和拋光飾面為這款全新原創時計營造出令人愉悅的閃光效果。


The L.U.C Perpetual Twin is endowed with the mechanical excellence of Chopard complications while housing its perpetual calendar movement within a stainless steel 43 mm case. It mechanically calculates and shows the duration of months variously lasting 28, 29, 30 and 31 days. Based on the micro-rotor technique coupled with two barrels, this caliber supplies the watch with a comfortable 65-hour power reserve. Its chronometric rating precision is certified by the COSC. Alternating matt and polished finishes create a delightful shimmering effect on this new and original timepiece.