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Reference: 00.10803.08.92.91


Heritage Tourbillon 精鋼腕錶搭配 Funky Blue fumé 煙熏色錶盤,透過錶盤底部的視窗展現其跳動的心臟,從過去汲取靈感,同時融入現代元素。陀飛輪的每一次滴答聲和每一次旋轉,都強調了幾個世紀以來驅動製表世界的人類元素。


Revealing its beating heart through a window at the bottom of the dial, the Heritage Tourbillon in steel with a Funky Blue fumé dial takes inspiration from the past while incorporating modern touches. With every tick and every rotation, the Tourbillon emphasizes the human element which has driven the world of watchmaking for centuries.