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與之前系列的型號不同,這款不銹鋼時計在透明藍寶石玻璃下設有平面錶盤。 與 Master Ultra Thin Moon 錶帶的顏色相呼應,深黑色錶盤彰顯精緻與低調。 我們的製錶師經常努力重新詮釋大師系列的兩個標誌性品質,無論是在手錶的可見或不可見部分。 新一代 Jaeger-LeCoultre 925 機芯兼具精緻與精緻,在其錶殼中保證了極高的可靠性。 憑藉大約 70 小時的動力儲備,時間真的可以慢慢來……


Unlike models from the previous range, this stainless-steel timepiece features a flat dial under its transparent sapphire glass. Echoing the color of the Master Ultra Thin Moon strap, the deep black dial celebrates finesse and understatement. Two of the iconic qualities of the Master Collection that our watchmakers often strive to reinterpret, whether in the visible or invisible part of the watch. In its case, which combines finesse and sophistication, the new generation Jaeger-LeCoultre Caliber 925 promises extreme reliability. Thanks to approximately 70 hours of power reserve, time can really take its