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Reference: MG-003072


UNIVERSALZEIT 可以一目了然地查看全球不同時區的當前時間。 錶盤以世界地圖的形狀設計,使用與坐標和城市名稱精確對齊的時間窗口,作為提供時間和地理方向的手段。 在六個城市的每一個中,共有六個窗口顯示從 1 到 24 的小時。 所選城市不實行夏令時。 這意味著 UNIVERSALZEIT 指示全年的實際時間,無需調整。


The UNIVERSALZEIT makes it possible to see the current time in different time zones around the world at a single glance. Designed in the shape of a world map, the dial uses time windows precisely aligned with coordinates and city names as a means of providing orientation in terms of time and geography. A total of six windows displays the hour from 1 to 24 in each of the six cities. Daylight-saving time is not observed in the cities selected. This means that the UNIVERSALZEIT indicates the actual time all year round and no adjustment is necessary.


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